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We provide support for friends and family

If you know or suspect that a family member, friend, neighbour or work colleague is experiencing domestic violence, it may be difficult to know what to do. It can be very upsetting that someone is hurting a person you know or care about.

Your first instinct may be to want to protect your friend or family member but intervening can be dangerous for both you and them. Of course, this does not mean you should ignore it. There are things you can do to help them to be safer. If you witness an assault occurring, you should contact the police on 111.

We have a range of resources available to assist you in supporting your family member, friend or colleague.  

If you are feeling uncertain about how to support a person who is living with domestic violence, we invite you to call us on 372 9220 for advice and support.  We want to support you in supporting others – it’s the best way of tackling domestic violence in our community.  

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Important Information

While supporting a person or persons experiencing domestic violence, it is important to remember that:

  • Domestic violence is a crime – it is unacceptable.
  • Domestic violence is very common. In New Zealand, one in three women will experience domestic violence at some point in their lives.
  • Domestic violence is dangerous.
  • Every person has the right to live without fear of violence and abuse.
  • The abuser is solely responsible for their abusive behaviour.
  • The victim is not to blame; violence is a choice the abuser makes.

For further information or to arrange an initial appointment, please contact our Client Services Coordinator