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We provide support for young people and youth

We provide both individual and group based programmes for children and young people, depending upon their needs and circumstances.  

Our programmes are delivered by qualified counsellors who are also accredited facilitators and who have a wealth of experience in working with children and young people.  

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Kids Standing Strong

Kids Standing Strong is a fun and interactive six week after school programme for children.  It’s designed to:

  • give them ways to feel stronger in themselves (internal resilience),
  • to be able to play and work with others (cooperation and connection),
  • to recognise and express their own emotions (emotional literacy)
  • and to know when and how to reach out for support and help (safe space making).

The programme is run in a small, safe and caring group setting (a maximum of eight children) led by two facilitators who have a wealth of experience in counselling and working with children. 

It is not necessary that a child enrolling in the programme has seen or experienced home based violence.  

The skills and techniques taught in the group are ideally suited for any child who finds it hard to mix with their peers, has difficulty in expressing their emotions safely, engages in bullying behaviours or is subjected to the bullying behaviours of other or has a sense of powerlessness.

Programmes are run each school term with two different age groups (6-9 year olds and 10-13 year olds) dependent upon minimum enrolment numbers.

For further information, to inquire about the next scheduled programme or to arrange enrolment please contact us

Modified Kids Standing Strong

From time to time we may provide an individually tailored one to one delivery of our Kids Standing Strong programme.  

This is usually limited to circumstances where there is an urgent need for the programme (eg., a child is facing extended exclusion from school), a group programme is not suitable (eg., because the child has significant behavioural issues which may impact upon a group) or where there are other special needs/considerations.  

Dependent upon family circumstances a fee may be charged for one to one provision of the programme.

For further information, please contact us

Counselling for Young People

We receive a very small amount of funding to provide limited  free counselling support to people aged 14-17 years old (we’d love to provide more – find out how you can help on our support us page).  

Our counselling for young people is prioritised for those who are exhibiting behaviours which put them at risk of becoming potential offenders of family violence, who are engaging in family violence or have been seriously impacted by violence in their home or family unit.

From time to time is may be possible for a parent or caregiver to arrange counselling for a young person  outside of these limitations, subject to payment of an hourly session fee.

For further information, please contact us

Strengthening Safety Programme

Where a child or young person is covered by a Protection Order (or their parent/caregiver is a protected person named in a Protection Order), we may be able to offer individually tailored support services to the child or young person in order to strengthen their safety and address emotional issues and personal fears arising from their experiences of violence at home.  

We can arrange for the necessary requests to the Family Court to authorise provision of a strengthening safety programme to children/young people where a protection order is in place.

For further information, please contact us